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The Wanderers Golf Club Restaurant

Welcome to our new Restaurant look at Wanderers Golf Club. We are excited to share our stories with you, and to hear from you. Our goal at the Restaurant is to bring new flavours and old favourites to you with fresh, thoughtful food served with coffees and drinks.

We invite you to take a break with us!

Operating Hours


TUESDAY 6H00 – 18H00
WEDNESDAY 6H00 – 18H00
THURSDAY 6H00 – 18H00
FRIDAY 6H00 – 18H00
SATURDAY 6H00 – 18H00
SUNDAY 6H00 – 18H00


TUESDAY 6H30 – 18H00
WEDNESDAY 6H30 – 18H00
THURSDAY 6H30 – 18H00
FRIDAY 6H30 – 18H00
SATURDAY 6H30 – 18H00
SUNDAY 6H30 – 18H00

For any further information, please contact on (011)4473311 or alternatively

The Restaurant