Local Rules

NB. Please see the Local Rules notice outside the Pro shop for the latest changes to the list below.

1. OUT OF BOUNDS (Rule 27/1)

  • Beyond ALL boundary fences or white stakes demarcating the area around the Clubhouse.

2. WATER HAZARDS (Rule 26/1)

(i) LATERAL WATER HAZARDS (Red stakes or lines):

  • The drainage sluits on the right of the 1st, 9th, 10th and 14th holes.
  • The drainage sluit on the right of the 5th hole, including the demarcated flowerbed between the sluit and the boundary fence.
  • All parts of the sluits including the concrete walls are deemed part of the hazard.
  • The dams on the left and right of the 10th hole and on the right of the 1st, 7th and 11th fairways.

(ii) ORDINARY WATER HAZARDS (Yellow stakes or lines):

  • The drainage sluit between the 1st and 7th hole.
  • The dam on the 12th hole.


  • The stakes indicate the contour level of the hazard’s margins. Hazard margins are not indicated by a straight line between the stakes, except where the hazard margin is indicated by a red (lateral water hazard) or yellow (water hazard) line.

3. OBSTRUCTIONS (Rule 24) (No line of sight relief may be taken)

  • The steel sluice gate supports on the right hand side of the 11th hole.


  • Any designated area ringed in white.
  • All roads and artificially surfaced paths.
  • All flowerbeds within the boundaries of the course (except on the 5th hole – see 2(i) above). A ball coming to rest in such a flowerbed must be dropped, as defined in Rule 25, within one club length from the nearest point of relief, or in the drop zone if provided.
  • All trees marked with a white stake.
  • All newly sodded areas. (Compulsory relief must be taken)
  • Residual water or water-damaged areas in bunkers.  (Compulsory relief must be taken within the bunker concerned)
  • All tyre tracks through the green.
  • All bare patches on the fairways.
  • All construction/trenched areas where there is resulting damage, through the green.


  • The woodchips in the bowls around the trees are part of the course. (No free drop)
  • The sucker rule applies. (Embedded ball through the green – free drop 1 club length, not nearer the hole)
  • PLACING. If a ball comes to rest in a closely mown area, including the collars of the greens, it may be placed within one club-length, no nearer the hole, so as not to improve line or stance. Fairways, as closely mown areas, are continuous with the collars of the greens through a “neck” at the front of each green, except for the 17th (see below). All other areas that surround greens and bunkers are designated as semi-rough, and relief by placing may not be taken. On the 17th hole only, the fairway stops short of the green. Relief may not be taken from the area surrounding the collar of the 17th green, which is designated as semi-rough.
  • The newly planted garden on the banks of the 7th pond, as well as the flowerbed on the 5th, are within the boundaries of the lateral water hazards, and NO FREE RELIEF MAY BE TAKEN UNDER THE “FLOWERBED” RULE.


During bad weather the sounding of the siren means that all golfers are to immediately leave the course and return to the clubhouse, or take shelter in the halfway house or a rain shelter.

Play may only continue when the siren sounds twice.