Birds of Interest

Compiled by Alison Chesters

Below is a list of birds sighted on the Wanderers Golf Course since 1989. Due to ongoing changes to the course, some of the birds may or may not be found on the course currently.

Resident Breeding
008 Little Grebe094Hadeda Ibis
102Egyptian Goose156Ovambo Sparrowhawk
157Little Sparrowhawk226Common Moorhen
228Redknobbed Coot255Crowned Plover
258Blacksmith Plover297Spotted Thick-knee
348Feral Pigeon349 Speckled Pigeon
350African Olive Pigeon352Red-Eyed Dove
354Cape Turtle Dove355Laughing Dove
373Grey Go-away bird422Redfaced Mousebird
424Speckled Mousebird451African Hoopoe
452Green Woodhoopoe464Black Collared Barbet
473Crested Barbet476Lesser Honeyguide
483Goldentailed Woodpecker489Rufous Breasted Wryneck
548Pied Crow568Blackeyed Bulbul
577Olive Thrush601 Cape Robin-Chat
732Common Fiscal758 Indian Myna
796 Cape White-eye801House Sparrow
803Cape Sparrow804Southern Greyheaded Sparrow
814Southern Masked Weaver
Regular Visitor
058Reed Cormorant058Grey Heron
067 Little Egret071Cattle Egret
091African Sacred Ibis105African Black Duck
377Red Chested Cuckoo386Diederik’s Cuckoo
401Spotted Eagle Owl415White-rumped Swift
417Little Swift421African Palm Swift
428 Pied Kingfisher486Cardinal Woodpecker
518Barn Swallow520Whitethroated Swallow
526Greater Striped Swallow529Rock Martin
643Willow Warbler710African Paradise Flycatcher
764Cape Glossy Starling769Redwinged Starling
870Blackthroated Canary881Streaky-Headed Seed-Eater
Occasional Visitor
063Blackheaded Heron065 Purple Heron
072Squacco Heron074Greenbacked Heron
081Hamerkop093Glossy Ibis
104Yellowbilled Duck126Yellowbilled Kite
149Steppe Buzzard169African Harrier Hawk
203Helmeted Guineafowl260 African Wattled Plover
366RoseRinged Parakeet385Klaas’s Cuckoo
391Burchell’s Coucal429Giant Kingfisher
433Woodland Kingfisher435Brownhooded Kingfisher
438European Bee-eater474Greater Honeyguide
530Common House Martin534Banded Martin
545Blackheaded Oriole645Bar-throated Apalis
683Tawney-Flanked Prinia698Fiscal Flycatcher
713Cape Wagtail736Southern Bou Bou
740Blacbacked Puffback746Bokmakierie
759African Pied Starling787Whitebellied Sunbird
792Amethyst Sunbird824Southern Red Bishop
860Pintailed Whydah